Thursday, October 26, 2017

New House Master Bedroom Inspiration

Ever since we moved in to our new home at the end of June, I have been very very very involved in house projects. From our laundry room creation, to our kitchen final touches, lighting needs, landscaping from the ground up (literally) and decorating a whole new home, it's been BUSY! One of the rooms on the bottom of my check list right now is our master bedroom. We updated to a king size bed and purchased a new headboard, installed a chandeleir and blinds but I have really been focusing our efforts on other areas of the house. There is so much more house to decorate! The main floor (the list goes on), kids rooms, and play area just seemed to take priority and I was happy to leave our bedroom to slowly piece together when I could get to it. As I browse for some more master bedroom pieces.. specifically, white dressers, a love seat/sectional, rug, custom drapery and long bench, I thought it would be fun to gather some inspiration photos to share. I know exactly what I am going to do, it's just a matter of finding the pieces that work with the vibe. In the photos below, there is usually one piece of the room that like. Stay tuned!

Dream master bedroom

At Home with Framebridge | Ivory Lane

Florida Beach House with New Coastal Design Ideas

The Glam Pad

Miami Master Bedroom - MiaChateauFH by fashionable Hostess4

Blue and white bedroom with paisley wallpaper (SL-103W by -- 2013 Southern Living Idea House -- "Her Bunkie" -- interior design: Phoebe Howard -- photo: Laurey W. Glenn. -- read more here:

Master Bedroom: monochromatic palette of soft blues. Walls - Benjamin Moore's Sweet Bluette. Fabrics -soft periwinkle. (bed ~ Mitchell Gold, bedding ~ Matouk, benches ~ Romo fabric, Pillow fabrics ~ China Seas, David Hicks, and Lee Jofa. )

Looks like a built-in piece that incorporates end tables with day bed. Me gusta!

Wallpaper. Reading lamp

60 Gorgeous Master Bedroom Designs @styleestate

Coastal Living Idea House 2017 - The Neo-Trad

Melanie Turner Interiors

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Chinoiserie Panels

One of the last things I plan on getting to in our new home is wall art. The final details of the home need to be just right. Getting a feel for a new space is important and taking time to get to know what you really want is too. I don't want to rush in to it and I don't want to pick pieces to fill voids that I don't completely love. Something I keep going back to is chinoiserie. I think I could decorate my whole first floor in chinoiserie and I definitely WOULD if it wasn't completely ridiculous. Our new home has larger walls to fill and I think that chinoiserie wall panels would fill them oh-so-beautifully! And the best part is that framed chinoiserie wall panels aren't as big of a commitment as wallpaper. There are a few big walls that I am looking to fill sooner rather than later. One is in our eat-in-kitchen, one is in our dining room and one is in our back hall. I definitely hope to do framed chinoiserie wall panels in one of these areas one day. I have been searching high and low for the right way to go about it. In the meantime, here are some favorite inspiration photos I hope you enjoy. 

Image result for framed chinoiserie

Image result for framed chinoiserie

The Little Known Reason That Mother’s Day Kind of Sucks
Image result for framed chinoiserie

Image result for framed chinoiserie

Image result for framed chinoiserie

Framed Chinese handpainted wallpaper panels from #Gracie and a Niermann Weeks lamp dress up a corner of the living room in this tudor-style Syosset home | New York Cottages & Gardens | April 2014

Blue and White Chinoiserie                                                                                                                                                      More

Display What You Love. Interior Designer: Sara Tuttle. Chinoiserie wallpaper, framed.

Monday, September 25, 2017

Front Hall Bath Project

Hi friends! For those of you that do not know, Jeff and I recently moved into a new home this summer. I have been so excited to share many of the projects and interior decorating that we have undertaken (and plan on doing so), however, I have quickly learned that everything takes time. It's unbelievable how much work goes into a new home and we have struggled to find the time with two little ones to get to the many projects completed as fast as we would like to! Slowly but surely, everything is really coming together and as things piece together I am eager to share.

In the meantime, I thought it would be fun to share a simple project that is underway. We are starting to jazz up our front hall bath. When I said everything takes time, it really does! ..Waiting for wallpaper, scheduling, hiring and planning projects with contractors, waiting for lighting fixtures to arrive (6 weeks.. ugh), etc. It's hard to be patient when you are ready for things to be completed.

Our half baths on the first floor are pretty bland and I am looking forward to adding a little bit of durability and color to them. For both of our baths we will be doing a white trim wall. I love the classic and basic look of the trim in some of the inspiration photos below. I wanted to use paper on our walls, but quickly realized that when going to dry your hands that you drip on the wall. I figured with many years ahead with young children, it would be best to add white wainscoting to both of our first floor half baths. I also love this idea because tile was not something I wanted on our first floor baths and the white wainscoting would help break up the wallpaper. We don't have windows in the first floor baths and in a tight space, floor-to-ceiling wallpaper could look a little overwhelming.

In our front hall half bath, I had our home builder add two wall sconces on either side of our mirror. Well, it was not until after they were installed that I realized how SPECIFIC you have to be with your builder in all aspects of everything. I really thought I had thought of every last detail. "What height on the wall would the sconces make the most sense?" is a good starting question. You have to ask yourself, what sconces do you envision? Well I envisioned this look for wall sconces - here. Well, where the sconces were put on the wall and with the mirror I selected, it would have looked really silly to use these sconces. The electrical was too high for the height of the sconces I wanted and so I had to think of something different. The second small obstacle I ran into was the width of the electrical for the sconces. This is partially decided on where your studs are. Only a certain width mirror would work and I didn't have enough room between the sconces for some of the mirrors I really loved. I had 26" to work with so I was left with a 24" max width mirror to buy. This mirror needed to be tall for the height of the ceilings and sconce height but also skinny! (The mirror I chose is below). I'm sharing this information for anyone else who may be interested in updating a bath with wall sconces or who may be building or renovating a home!

Next, I have fully invested our home in the blue and white category, with the acceptation of Charlotte's room, the living room, dining room and guest bedrooms. So I am also sharing the paper I chose below that fits the mold. 

Below are some inspiration photos. The first one, is the vibe I really wanted for our bathroom. I actually searched for a grasscloth in this color at the design centre. I didn't quite find the color I was really hoping for so I went with a pagoda Schumacher print that I am really excited about.

Lastly, our other half bath wallpaper is going to be a 6 week lead time so I'll share that one when it is complete.

Blue grasscloth powder room.

Chinoiserie style powder room clad in Thibaut South Sea Wallpaper in Navy which frames large .

This chic update of a traditional style home in New Jersey caught my attention. Featured over on House Beautiful,  the home belongs to i...

Grasscloth wallpaper in powder room. Thomas O'brien Bryant sconces, West Elm metal mirror

Here are the before pictures of our current half bath (so boring, I know!):

Here is my "design board:"

I also plan to add lucite fixtures but have not found my favorites yet.

All of my current posts are non-affiliated links. I'm just sharing because I love decorating! Thanks for reading :)

Polished Nickel with Natural Paper Shade

Friday, August 4, 2017

Basic Pesto

Hello! I wanted to share this very basic pesto recipe with you all.

One of my favorite parts about our new house thus far is the covered back patio. It gets some sunlight during the day too. (I'll have to share once our backyard project is nears an end. It's been such a long project!) One of the first things we did when we moved in was we made a little herb garden potter. I've always wanted a little vegetable garden, but I started with a simple potter full of herbs. Sidebar: I definitely do NOT have the time for a vegetable garden right now with our little ones and all of the new needs and projects that come along with our house. I'll get to that in a few more years perhaps if we find a space (and time) for it.

I made the most basic herb potter with basil, rosemary and parsley. Those seem to be the herbs we use the most when we cook and what better to have fresh grown herbs in the convenience of your own home? The basil started growing so fast that I decided it was time to put it to use for dinner. We made a pesto pasta with feta cheese, cherry tomatoes and grilled chicken. I had never made pesto before, but I was surprised at how simple the task was and how few ingredients were needed.

Here is the recipe I followed from New York Times Cooking:


  • 2 cups fresh basil leaves
  • 2 tablespoons pine nuts
  • 2 large cloves garlic (or minced garlic)
  • 1/2 cup extra-virgin olive oil
  • 1/2 cup freshly grated parmesan cheese
  1. Combine basil leaves, pine nuts and garlic in food processor and finely mince
  2. Add olive oil and run at a slow pace until smooth
  3. Add parmesan cheese and run processor very briefly
  4. Refrigerate, freeze or use in dish 


All-Clad Stainless-Steel Standard Cups & Spoons | Williams Sonoma ...    Thumbnail View 1: Latte Bowl Set      

Thursday, June 8, 2017

First Home Tour

(Photo Credit: Cici Riley)

It's been a pretty incredible journey the last few months. We had a beautiful baby girl in January (!!) and then two days after her arrival we put our house on the market. It feels like, just when we had finished decorating, renovating and completing almost every item we could possibly think of on our to-do list for our last home pictured above, we went ahead and put it on the market. We hadn't even lived in our brand new kitchen that I talk about here and here for more than a year! Why you ask?! Well, there are so many reasons... To start all over again in a new home and make our lives crazy with a toddler, newborn and two dogs in tow? Sure!! That's one of them (I'm joking). But the real reason is because in the past few years, our lives have completely changed and so have our needs. While our last home would have been perfect for raising two children, we were ready for the next step in our lives. [At least - we thought we were. I'm not going to lie, getting our home ready for sale ("decluttering," i.e., packing up the entire contents gathered in the basement (how does one collect so much 'stuff'?) and any un-needed items in all of our bedrooms) while 37 weeks pregnant and while balancing a family tragedy and the events involved with that was probably the single most reason I went into labor 2.5 weeks early. But we have conquered a LOT in the past few months. We have successfully staged our home at least 20 weekends/weekdays while having a toddler un-do all of it and all while taking care of a newborn simultaneously (which for me, means a completely spotless house, not a single item out of place (aka 2.5 hours of cleaning in the morning every weekend)), we have successfully loaded up two children under two and two dogs and left our home almost every weekend while our house was on the market AND went grocery shopping and ran our needed errands non-the-less, we have successfully packed up our home of 6.5 years and moved out of it.. and moved in to a rental home.. and settled and unpacked in our rental home babies and all! Are you out of breath reading this yet?! But, yes we still are ready for the next step. Which, for us includes building our new home and picking out and organizing all of the details for it while also doing all of the above. End rant]. While, we may have been through a lot lately, it actually doesn't seem to be anything out of the normal for us. We have gotten used to our lives being so busy and crazy and we know how to balance this by setting aside time for our family and ourselves, which is the most important thing. And we appreciate everyone who has helped us get here and through this and, most importantly, those that understand how hard it can actually be do this all at once!

I cannot believe we move in to our new home in a few short weeks. I imagine it will take us the rest of the summer, or actually much longer, to complete the many projects still needed when we get there and to get settled. But we are so excited to be in our new space and to have our new house to make our home. I plan to re-use as many as the items as I can from our last home, but we do have what feels like an endless list of items we still need to purchase when we get there. Has anyone else felt like this moving into a new build or new home? I would write a list for you all, but it's so overwhelming I had better not! I plan to share some of the projects along the way and fill you all in! I hope you follow along. Thanks to all of my supporters and followers! Stay tuned.